Cleaning Supplies Small Sett- Refillable bottles -shop close till 1.04 – Ecologyshop
Cleaning Supplies  Small Sett- Refillable bottles -shop close till 1.04.2024

Cleaning Supplies Small Sett- Refillable bottles -shop close till 1.04.2024

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Our Small Cleaning Starter Box brings together 8 products for all your home cleaning needs. Included are eight 500ml dispensers made from recycled plastic, plus two 50ml refills for each. That’s the equivalent of 16 products (normally weighing 9kg) packed down to 3kg! 

The box makes a grand total of 8 liters of cleaning products. Such a large quantity of powerful cleaners will last you a long time - we estimate from 3 and up to 8 months. That is an incredible value for money.  

Save single-use plastic bottles by setting up a new cleaning system for your home that uses refills and concentrates. Save time with our delivery and subscription option. Save money by purchasing a product that is effective and long-lasting.


Hands : Moisturizing liquid soap-foam, thanks to the emollient components, preserves the protective functions of the skin, delicately cleanses without causing dryness and irritation + 2 regenerating concentrates.

Glass : A gentle cleaner for: mirrors, plastic, tiles and other types of surfaces with a pleasant apple scent + 2 additional concentrates.

Kitchen : Oven and Grill Cleaner removes grease (Anti-grease) and limescale, gives shine to surfaces and is completely washed off with water + 2 additional concentrates.

Dishware : Dishwashing detergent effectively removes grease and food debris from the surface of dishes, both in hot and cold water. Does not irritate the skin. + 2 additional concentrates.

Floor : Antibacterial agent for cleaning any floor surfaces + 2 additional concentrates.

Aroma : The air freshener effectively removes unpleasant odors and freshens the air. Suitable for aromatizing the air in various types of rooms and in a car, does not leave marks on upholstery, fabric, furniture, wallpaper. + 2 additional concentrates.

Interior : Universal cleaner for all surfaces effectively removes dirt from linoleum, ceramic tiles, wood, stainless steel, as well as fabrics and leather products. Does not require rinsing. Ideal for furniture, prevents dust settling + 2 additional concentrates.

Bathroom : Bathroom and ceramic cleaner - Suitable for cleaning shower stalls, toilet bowls, faience products, tiles, plumbing fixtures from limescale, rust stains, soap stains and salt deposits + 2 additional concentrates.

Sponge and cleaning cloths not included!