Dutybox Cleaning Supplies "Kitchen"-shop close till 1.04.2024 – Ecologyshop
Dutybox Cleaning Supplies  "Kitchen"-shop close till 1.04.2024

Dutybox Cleaning Supplies "Kitchen"-shop close till 1.04.2024

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Our Kitchen Cleaning Box brings together 3 products for all your kitchen cleaning needs. Included are three 500ml dispensers made from recycled plastic, plus two 50ml refills for each. 

The box makes a grand total of 3 liters of kitchen room cleaning products. Such a large quantity of powerful cleaners will last you a long time - we estimate from 3 and up to 8 months. That is an incredible value for money.  

Save single-use plastic bottles by setting up a new cleaning system for your home that uses refills and concentrates. Save time with our delivery and subscription option. Save money by purchasing a product that is effective and long-lasting.


Hands : Moisturizing liquid soap-foam, thanks to the emollient components, preserves the protective functions of the skin, delicately cleanses without causing dryness and irritation + 2 regenerating concentrates.

Kitchen : Oven and Grill Cleaner removes grease (Anti-grease) and limescale, gives shine to surfaces and is completely washed off with water + 2 additional concentrates.

Dishware : Dishwashing detergent effectively removes grease and food debris from the surface of dishes, both in hot and cold water. Does not irritate the skin. + 2 additional concentrates.

Box includes:

3x Microfibre Cloth

2x Sponge

1x Gloves