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Refilling capsules for Full Set

Refilling capsules for Full Set

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Refilling Capsules for Full Set –  This comprehensive set includes specialized capsules for various areas, ensuring a tailored cleaning experience.

Included Capsules:

  1. Hands: Keep your hands feeling fresh and sanitized.
  2. Glass: Achieve streak-free, crystal-clear glass surfaces.
  3. Kitchen: Tackle kitchen messes with ease, leaving a spotless space.
  4. Dishware: Ensure your dishes sparkle and shine after every wash.
  5. Floor: Effortlessly clean and refresh your floors for a pristine look.
  6. Aroma: Infuse a delightful fragrance throughout your living spaces.
  7. Interior: Maintain the cleanliness and charm of your home's interior.
  8. Bathroom: Combat bathroom grime and maintain a hygienic space.
  9. WC: Keep your toilet clean and sanitary for a pleasant restroom experience.
  10. Gloves
  11. Cleaning Sponge

Say goodbye to the hassle of multiple cleaning products. With our Refilling Capsules for Full Set, enjoy a simplified cleaning routine that caters to every area of your home. Embrace convenience without compromising on cleanliness.